Featured artist: Antonio Rivera

IMG_1264 IMG_1258 IMG_0025 _MG_9817It was serendipity how we met Antonio Rivera, a painter who will be showcasing several paintings in the upcoming exhibition.

We were walking up Green Street around 9pm one night a few months ago when we passed by a man standing on the corner drinking a beer. The situation caught us off guard. So we said ‘hi’ and then ended up in a longer conversation about a pesky Customs  issue with textiles, the desire to do something for others and our love for art. Needless to say he had high praise for an artist who studied painting extensively. So he gave us Antonio’s contact and then we called to meet him at a coffee shop in the Mission to learn more about his work.

These are just a few samples of what he’ll be showcasing.







Featured artist: Michele Rushfeldt

We met Michele at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach around the Christmas holidays  during a group show with some of her friends.

The Minnesota native caught us off guard with her warm welcome to the show. At the time she and her friends were filming a short video with Riki Chen about the pieces.

Her interest in the arts started around age 13 where she developed a fascination with the human figure as well as the process of age and deterioration on both humans and objects.  She went on to win the Scholastic Gold Key Award in 2007, as well as first prize in the University of Alabama, Birmingham Student Exhibition two years in a row. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2012, and continues to live and work in her studio there.

Her work continues to follow the theme of deterioration and age, primarily with regard to the human body, using mixed media and oil paint on found objects and grounds. More of her work can be viewed on her site at: http://michelerushfeldt.weebly.com



Welcome to ArtX Gallery

We are excited to announce our first show in San Francisco on Friday February 8, from 5-9pm.

The event will be held at Runway, 1355 Market Street, 4th Floor, a new startup incubator in the Mid-Market area. Check out this video with founder Allan Young.

There will be a group of Bay Area artists showcasing a variety of mediums from the Bay Area.

Stay tuned for previews and announcements.